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  • “The achievement of Studio Usher’s solution lies not in the specifics of the typography, photography, layout or other formal elements (all of which are solid), but in the fact that they exist at all. What could have been an easy punt is instead a compelling example of how design, as a craft, can connect people with ideas.” 


    —Christopher Simmons, MINE
    AIGA Justified Competition Chair

  • “Studio Usher saw the opportunity for design to take the messaging to the next level...More projects in this realm should be approached in this manner.” 


    —Kate Aronowitz, Director of Brand Design, Facebook

  • “It is exceedingly rare to find a design talent who balances imagination, technical virtuosity and an understanding for the business issues that drive a project. Naomi is a perfectionist, and she always hits a higher note than you’d initially think possible. All of this is evident in the outcome: whether in the corporate or nonprofit space, she consistently produces work that stands a good bit taller than the rest.”


    Ron Prince, Marketing Strategy,

    Condé Nast Corporate, Vanity Fair,

    The New Yorker

  • “Naomi Usher’s work evokes conversation, emotion, and serves to indelibly brand the entity she is designing for. It is so rare to find Naomi’s combination of supreme design talent, professionalism, and personality.”


    —Beth Brenner, Chief Revenue Officer, Domino Media Group

  • “Naomi’s design has transformed our brand”


    —Erica Ahdoot, Executive Director,

    The GO Project

  • “The project takes a complex problem and through strong narrative development makes the solution seem achievable, and even inevitable.” 


    —Jeremy Mende, MendeDesign

    AIGA Justified Competition Judge

  • “Naomi is among the most resourceful, imaginative, and hardworking art directors I’ve ever collaborated with”


    —Maer Roshan, CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Awesome Projects, Inc.

  • “Hope made visible” 


    —Brian Collins, Chief Creative Officer, Collins 

    Ideas that Matter Judge

  • “Naomi’s design work is truly of the highest caliber. The creativity, sophistication, and strategic focus of her work is in a class by itself.” 


    —Dana Miller, EVP Marketing and Brand Development, The Hollywood Reporter/Billboard


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