What: Studio Usher proudly presents a groundbreaking fundraising initiative at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM), which we named “United & Ignited.” This name is a memorable rallying cry that signifies the cohesive integration of all elements that make up PCOM—embracing holistic practices, diverse disciplines, and multiple locations. It also captures the passion, energy, and heart of both supporters and current PCOM students, as they transition towards a purposeful life dedicated to healing.

Building on the symbolism of the single flame in PCOM’s institutional logo, the campaign logo includes three torches cradled by two supporting hands. These torches represent three campuses, and ‘parts of the whole.’ The hands provide support, reflecting the essence of osteopathic methodology, and also emphasize the donor’s genuine role as a caring supporter.  When taken together, these elements infuse a heartfelt sentiment into the call to donate.

After establishing this distinctive and recognizable brand identity, Studio Usher collaborated closely with the PCOM team to craft and execute a comprehensive marketing strategy. This strategy spanned various channels, including print and digital channels, resulting in a range of deliverables such as printed brochures in multiple formats, a website, event collateral, videos, and social media assets.

Goal: $65 million in donations by 2026

Notable: Studio Usher collaborated with PCOM during its quiet phase to forge a powerful campaign narrative. By the time the campaign launched publicly in January 2024, it had over $45 million in total commitments.

Logo and Identity
Brand Strategy
Print Design
Photo Shoot
Email Design
Packaging Design
Pre-Press and Printing